Umi Kanzato

"Lets play a game..."


Age: 97
Race: Viera | Veena
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic Preference: Straight
Sexual Preference: Males

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Current Residence: Gridania
Preferred Job: Conjurer

Brief History: A field medic by trade, Umi has lived a life of wanting entertainment and adventure over a normal every day life. She is often hired as a medic, weaver or Alchemist always trying to keep herself busy with something. Although she possesses no grand ability such as physical strength, Umi healing abilities are one in a thousand and she isn't scared to be on the front line if needed. However, after a long day of work she does tend to like settling down to a book and a glass of tea.

When on the road either to or from work, she is often found with a romance novel in her hand, normally an excuse to not have to get close to other people. She doesn't seem to be the type of person to settle down and doesn't intend to find love in this life or the next, only a moment of entertainment. Although she is a Viera, a Veena, Umi doesn't follow the normal means of ones but always seems to find trouble when wanting to take a look at the old ruins back home.

More than not, Umi isn't scared to back down from a challenge but doesn't feel the need to reach out to those around her. She would rather wait with a hook and bait than actually do the work of getting to know people, to her the normal life span is a blink and she simply doesn't want to waste time with it. Although her friends list is small, Umi has gathered many scars over the years, her right eye the most showing as it caused her to lose a bit of sight in it making her use aetheric sight to continue working.


  • Gridania Native: Raised in Gridania, she is often found wondering around the woods looking for herbs and other means of medicine. She can find even the smallest area to put up camp and relax in while at the same time knowing when to run or remain on guard. She goes on hunts with the Gridania company as a healer or bard.

  • Aether Sight: With a large amount of aether within her body, Umi makes the perfect healer however due to an injury in battle she can no longer see out of one of her eyes. After learning through the great vine about aetheric sight, she managed to teach herself through unstable means. This lets her see possible up coming moves from someone who may attack her with aether or be gathering it. With her unstable ability it sometimes doesn't work leaving her without sight in one of her eyes.

  • Voice: Umi is a calm spoken person, she doesn't like raising her voice and keeps her voice as light and soft as possible. She is often seen as a relaxing figure due to this and can bring even the strongest person to their weakest points by simply talking sweetly to them. Her voice is smooth, almost bird like, with a bit of a edgy tone to it when she is in a rush.

  • Conjurer: Her physical abilities may be lacking for a Viera but her magic abilities are second to none. Umi has a large amount of aether that allows her to heal for longer periods of time, even if she is having to use her aetheric sight while doing so. Although it does leave her body in a sore and tense state, she always picks herself up again and continues on throughout her job. She often goes into the front lines of battles as a healer, never shying away from the sight of blood. If she isn't on the front lines she looks for Merc work to continue healing.

  • Hidden Violence: Despite being proper, she can be known to be quite cruel. She often hides her temper with a smile or a laugh and never reacts to anyone who she doesn't see as a problem or a loose end. Trained in the art of torture and killing, Umi likes to experiment with her next enemy in the slowest and most painful manner possible, each time slightly different from the last. While she does have victims, most go under the radar or they don't link back to her.

  • Female Viera: Mostly mistaken for a dominate type, she tries to play that role and fulfil others desires. However, Umi is very much a sub when it comes to romantic issues and likes to be follow her partner rather than take the lead. She is by no means scared to voice her thoughts but she would rather not be the one tying the other down or holding the leash. She is known to be rather independent and doesn't settle down with a partner formed of true love easily. She feels at home surrounded by forest and green and when she feels bad or has a nightmare she often finds solace in the breeze of night.

!!Sexual Information!!

Preferred Position: Sub
Favorite Races: Any except Lalafel
Turn Ons: Rough Play, Controlling, Scratching, Biting
Turn Offs: Passiveness, Foreplay (on her)
Favorite Toys : Collars & leashes

Umi is a very bratty sub, she'll make you fight her for the top position each and every time. That being said, she gets rather bored quickly of being on top and tends to start dozing off. When it comes to passive people or people who dont know what they want, she doesn't bat an eye at them and ends up ignoring them.

She loved to be tied up and dominated in every meaning of the word, though she doesn't fall short in teasing or mocking the person. While she sometimes goes/works at venues she isn't the type that shares when it comes to bedroom play time. She isn't one to be passive and likes to demand to get the things she wants so dont be surprised if she comes onto you first just to have a taste and see if you are worth it.

Time Zone: Central
Age: 27
Free Days: Any day, just need to plan ahead.

I'm married IRL so please no OOC relationships/drama.

Dark Themes: I very much enjoy writing darker themes that delve into psychological horror. However, I will always ask if things like that are okay before doing a roleplay with someone. I expect the same courtesy in return. I will not kill off your character unless that is something you truly wish for and ask me to do so. If there is something that you want to happen, example is my character stabbing yours in the chest and becoming the bad guy, then thats fine but I need to know in advance so we can make our way to that point during the RP. I wont know things if you dont tell me.

I have no rules when it comes to roleplaying. Want to do a quick scene? Want to have a long epic scene? I'm down for pretty much everything. I write relatively quickly and I can roll with any length you're comfortable with. I'm not used to planning plots out at all and instead let them happen entirely organically. But I don't mind doing it if it helps people.

I do have days when I have to last minute cancel due to health, both physically and mentally. I understand that this can be troublesome and a bother to some people but I will always try to let you know if I can. I also have shitty internet so sometimes it just goes down and living in the mountains only means I have no connection with my cell phone so I have no means to contact anyone internet wise.

My husband comes first and foremost to me. While in game I am Icly not married, my real life husband is my main concerns. I will not cheat, chance the misunderstanding of cheating or send real life pics to anyone so please dont ask. We both have an understanding of what the other one does so I wont hide anything from him, dont suggest this. We both understand ERP and that doesn't bother us, it happens in venues and in RP when it gets to that point. This is something we dont fight about or have an interest in fighting about so please dont worry about that.

All in all I am simply asking for respect when it comes to my real life.